More details about me

My best and worst day of week

I think the worst day is tommorow, because according to my schedule it always looks like most busy ,stressful and action-packed day in my life.
In other hand my favorite day is Saturday .I woke up when i want .I do what i want. I go to sleep when i want and go to sleep with smile ,because next day is day off too.


These days when herds of teenagers prefer be addicted from herbal or chemical drugs .I am addicted from listening delightful tunes, because good music give energy , power , catalyse your mood .

What do I like? Original sounds which genre cannot be clearly defined. I’m an open mind (I understand the irony of using word “mind” in reference to me) in music I like looking for new unique music genres. Music I listen to is adequate to my current emotional state. Because I’m aware that this short explanation will not satisfy some music lovers and people with hearing defects, here is a list of music genres:
List of genres of music
I didn’t want to take to long, but to all genres already mentioned you also have to add any derived from these genres and all local music (national, it would be stupid to write names of all countries at this point) and religious (all faiths).

I believe this should more or less explain the music genres I’m interested in. So don't ask what kind of music a listen, because you will receive different answer depend of my emotions and state of being .

The best track of all times is:
Orbital - Halcyon & On & On


Recently i like running from time to time, but only to closest fast food.
I never had extreme ADHD about do exercise and Capoeira is the only sport that I’ve ever participated in. I prefer active forms of relaxation, for example, sitting in front of my computer. However sometimes when is power cut, then i feel bored then i create tournament where i transfer dust and crumbs from one keyboard to another.
I enjoy watching cycling, hockey (but only during the Olympics ;) ), ski jumping, snooker, wrestling, skating, k1 etc.(because there is something going on, unlike in boring boxing) hockey, dancing and volleyball.
I hate football (I’m not a gay, so i don't feel horny when i see 22 sweaty boys running to touch ball and enjoying see when football feel spiritual ecstasy when he faked foul.).For me football is like sculpting in shit and put this into enemy mouth.


Dom's special "Forgotten Lasagne"

Kitchen is my favourite place, because this place where paradise is created for my stomach. At home, I never have a change to develop my cooking skills, since when I prepared first tea for my parents. Sounds like nothing special, but I added a lot of salt. So my mom said that I will never ever cook at home. They was right, because my dishes are more black than coal.
My favourite food :
-Knysza with meat and cheese (More about Knysza -> my microsite about Knysza)
-Polish Cheesecake
-Herring salad
-Spicy gyros with rice
From health and safely reason I am unable to show pictures how looks dishes made by Me.

I had many problems with recipes, because they usually start from "Take a clean plate" which was I big problem in my kitchen during study times. Another problem is that recipes contain lots of unknown vocabulary which I don't understand, even if I check meaning in dictionary. Only recipes which I understand if "cooking vocabulary" is swap with similar words with "computer vocabulary". One of my friend who work in IT is great chef as well, so when I need cook something I ask him for IT friendly recipe.
Below you can find example of our conversation about how to make polish soup called Żurek

Dominik- Be regarded, Master Chef! I need your kindly advice to understand secrets of making Żurek .What I should do?
Asbestos- You need go to shop and buy items written in README.txt where is recipe.
Dominik- Don't worry about source file, because I have already an installer.
Asbestos- You need scan Vegetables with antivirus and install in deep pan.
Dominik- BUT BUT.I have problem with configuration. I have slider with groats and I have problem. How to set up groats in pan?
Asbestos- Slide to 150 grams and install in pan for 90 minutes in little fire.
Dominik- What plugins I should install?
Asbestos- You should install pepper, salt and dill, but do not install vegeta because it contains viruses.
Dominik- Thank you. What you planning to do?
Asbestos- I will be drink juice with vodka. I want mix sweet taste of childhood with bitter taste of adult life.


Talking to me is like a conversation between Chinese guy and Frenchman in a language of a South African tribe. My speech resembles a book written in white fond on a white paper, and it doesn’t mean that what I say is empty (even though it is true) but it means that you cannot understand anything from it. Since I am considered to be a computermaniac, and often what I say is difficult to understand I decided to formulate a dictionary that you may find helpful when talking to me.

  • I scan you watch.
  • I analyze information you read.
  • I zoom in not gaze.
  • I actualize data not study.
  • I copy not rewrite.
  • I admire texture not stare at babes.
  • I download food not eat it.
  • I hibernate not sleep.
  • I activate antivirus not take antibiotics.
  • I transfer data not write exams.
  • I decode mp3 not listen to music.
  • I zip the luggage not pack my bags.
  • I defragment my room not clean it.
  • I do not put on weight, I upgrade myself.
  • I minimize not kneel.
  • I maximize not stand up.
  • I refresh the screen not clean my face.
  • I use graphic accelerator not contact lenses.
  • I install plug-ins not master a new capoeira technique.


Many people ask me if I’m cold. Here is a comparison between me and the rest of human population in different temperature scales.

• + 30° C
* Polish people sleep without covers.
* Americans wear sweaters.
* People living in Miami turn on their heaters.
* Dominik cools down using liquid azote in a freezer.

• +10° C
* Americans are freezing.
* Italian cars won’t start.
* You can see your breath.
* Dominik is switching from freezer to fridge.
* Dominik’s beloved mobile phone (Siemens Sx1) is turning off more often than usual (10 times a day)

• 0° C
* Water is freezing.
* Russians are going for a swim.
* Siemens mobile phones, which Dominik uses, cease to work.

• -15° C
* Your cat wants to sleep in your bed.
* Politicians begin to talk about homeless people.
* German cars won’t start.
* We dream about going somewhere south.
* Dominik comes out of his fridge.
* Dominik’s computer restarts non-stop.

• -30° C
* Russians put on undershirts.
* Your cat wants to sleep in your pajamas.
* You need some extra cables for your car to start.
* Dominik wears golf.
• -40° C
* Politicians begin to do something about homeless people.
* Japanese cars won’t start.
* We can build an igloo from our breath.
* We want to go south.
* That’s Dominik’s food’s favourite temperature.

• -50° C
* It’s too cold to think (doesn’t refer to Dominik, he doesn’t think in any temperature)
* You need cables for the driver to work.
* Russians close the window in the bathroom.

• -60° C
* Polar bears go south.
* Lawyers put their hands in their own pockets.
* Dominik wears a coat.