I am a software developer with 4 years of experience, who can effectively prioritise and organise work, with focus on simplicity and usability in developed software. My main goals now are to enhance existing skills and learning a new ones. I am learning UX Design and Spring 4 now. I am London Java Community member.

       In my free time I am developing simple android applications for myself (I am writing a simple RPG game which was my childhood dream) and read about UX design and psychology about human behaviours on internet.

They are few ways to see information about me and my work experience:


If you require a cover letter, please send an e-mail to me. I will write it for you ( as it vary, depends on experience, that i want described in details).


2014: Scrum Training at Adaptavist
It was one day course when I improved my knowledge about Scrum Framework.
2014: Web course(Coursera): Usable Security
This course focuses on how to design and build secure systems with a human-centric focus. I learned basics of Human-Computer Interaction,Design (with security in mind),design techniques, A/B testing, authentication mechanisms and how they relate to security (two factor,biometric,gesture) and design usable privacy systems.
2013: Webinar: Getting Started with Elasticsearch
2013: Web course(Coursera): Scala
Course Designed by Scala's creator Martin Odersky. I learnt basics about Scala language and functional programming.
2012: Smartphone Software Development for Managers
2011: Android development course
2006 - 2010: Computer Science with Mobile & Wearable Computing
Undergraduate Degree
2006: Linux workshop


2015: First presentation at work.
Public talk (opening/closing) at LJC event.
2013: First Aid course
2012: Chinese language
2011: Salsa
Fundamentals of psychology
2008 - 2010: Chinese language course
2001 - 2005: Capoeira
2000 - 2003: English language course
1998: Widening Participation and Inclusion workshop.
(specifically with regard to the mentally ill)