Probably many of you, who know me, as well as those who don’t, are surprised that it is possible to describe so perfectly such a complicated creature like me using only one word. Apparently it is… I came to this conclusion after many years of gathering information about me. Frankly, it is really hard to receive an honest answer from people, when I ask them: “what I’m like??” What a shame.


My IQ is 106.
It means I am average male.
It noteworthy that I am very skilful (very very above average) in ... combine blocks together. Maybe, not key skill guarantees that you achieve successes in everything in your life but it is always something!


My face looks like I was feed with stones shot by slingshot and I have a face that can only be loved by a used truck tire, it is a constant battlefield of ever-growing hair (with its own ecosystem) and an invasion of spots. My hair is a bunch of brown strings organised by the wind and a hat. Usually when I come to the hairdresser with my naturally super fat hair, I hear things like “Hair-cut or change of oil?” My stomach is a source of energy that could possibly feed all homeless people in the area until the end of the world… and maybe a little longer. I am 184cm tall and the same number of kilometres of hair on my body, the same with my weight (maybe not as much but I am writing his before holidays and I could use some optimism).I discover that my tibia bone has marvellous gift to find furniture in dark room, which is very painful gift. I do not know why but sometimes I feel that my laugh is like pig's cough, unfortunately. Summary. I have double perfect body shape (180x120x180 - Height x circumference of the belly x weight).
Summary. I have double perfect body shape (180x120x180 - Height x circumference of the belly x weight) .


The clothes I wear are of no name brand made in ‘second hand shop’. Even though this kind of looks could guarantee a job as scarecrow in some deserted field, this area would probably be branded as contaminated and insufficient to be populated, and all because of my gift of perspiration, even when it’s freezing cold.


If count of addiction was a most important element of CV,then most job offer will be given to me without interview .

As you can see my addiction life is very poor and that is a shame, because my list of addictions does not include fundamental things as smoking cigarettes and drugs or especially alcoholism (which is quite painful for foreigners, who are very disappointed and usually say "you are Polish ...and you don't like drinking too much? ( don't like vodka?).