Real study starts when Google said that "Your search did not match any documents"..

My education career is full of drama and full of sudden twists and turns in action.
I started at Nadalada University (oldest known university in the world) and after few ages later in Poland I, start enjoyed studding there.
My polish episode with university started at department of chemistry. They had the honour to teach me for some time, specially that Computer science department did not deem itself worthy of harbouring such an eminent person as me.
Next 2.5 years I "studied" Medical Physics at the physics department at the university in Wroclaw. ;)( Please contact me as soon as possible if you know what it's all about, so that I can find the answer to a question my friends has been asking me: „What the fuck am I studying exactly”;).
After 2.5 years, I discovered that I do not think so that I will be Albert Einstein, so I decided to surprise everybody and restart my life. I emigrated to UK (Most trendy country to emigrate for Polish people in 2006).However instead of be master on dishwasher forever I decided to start study computer science in Aberystwyth and get IT jobs, which I was interest in. It is noteworthy that did not worry about problems with my English, because with my university experience I knew it that it does not matter do I or do not understand lectures in polish or in English. I need to pass exams and assignments ... somehow. Unfortunately, suddenly after 4 years ... I finish university. So my plan B that I will study theology in Cambodia or oceanography in Tibet was not need anymore.

Why I resist finishing university for many years?

As far as my way of studying is concerned, people seem to have two different points of view. What is interesting, those who actually do not understand why I do this are students, and all the others are those who have already finished those studies.
What made me chose to be an eternal student? It all comes down to the outcome of my observations concerning ex-students, and the changes that they have undergone since they entered the grown up life.
I simply was freaked out by what I have heard:

STUDENT LIFE – I’LL NEVER GIVE IT UP! (Update: I gave up at 6 September 2010).Above nightmares come true in my everyday life.


Every person in closest to be perfect in their CV.

My outstanding carrier was perfectly plan with meticulousness and everything should works perfectly as in Swiss watch but let's start from beginning.
When I was a lovely kid and where Gerber food for me was like beer for adults and nappies was more jazzy than underpants I work with auntie and uncle on bazaars and with my innocent smile I support them with selling lots of stuff. At this point of time I knew it that I will be bus, tram or train driver. When I growing up during teenagers time. I notice that with my aerodynamic looks I did not believe that I would be model, part of boy’s band or actor like Steven Seagal.
Nevertheless, fortunately, I always was a big fan of Siemens mobile because they was perfect designed but software contain lots of unconventional behave (called bugs), which improve user's stoic patience. I thought that I will be Messiah of mobile's future and when I join to Siemens Mobile as software developer or mobile designer then I will kill Nokia-Motorola garbage’s phones, so I started computer science with some subjects related to mobile devices .However.... 4 days after I start study , Siemens Mobile stops exists. Therefore, shit hit the fan about my future.
My perfect career plan needed slight improvement (as Garfield said, "Perfection is hard to improve”), but I have 4 years of study to think about it. Meanwhile during study I have privilege to enjoying wide range of part time jobs. I started as cleaner accommodation, so I learnt a lot about how to make epic mess in own room. People who saw my room can confirm my mess in my room is masterpiece that proof that if I want I can learn anything. Later I was a dishwasher where I discover secrets of how to clean dishes quickly and how to use weird kitchen accessories and learnt why I should not eat in restaurant. I got second job in McDonalds (More info about my work experience in McDonalds and in fast foods restaurants can be found here (How looks life as employer in fast food restaurant) where I survived 4 years (Some people said that, normal people cannot survive more than 1 year). It was interesting times. In 2007 I finished my brilliant career as dishwasher but because I start miss cleaner job I prefer clean rooms for money than cleaning own room for free so I start cleaning and scrubbing council buildings so they looks shiny.
I finished study and I want my spent my future with computer 8 hrs per day 5 times per week where I can click keys on keyboard and create awesome software that will work (more less). Unfortunately, it means I need finish my entertainment time with customers in McDonalds. (Some people believe that work in McDonalds was aim of my life, but they were wrong, very wrong). After ages of searching (1 month) for dream graduate job, I found at TheBookPeople, where I spent 3 years on mastering my skills in Annihilation, writing software (some of them even works!).
I moved to London and spent 1 year at Procserve ,when I wrote some feature to software that does procurement (aprrently this mystyrious word means 'act of buying'). I discovered doing this kind of software is not my cup of tea, so move on and join to Adaptavist where I work at the moment.
Speaking of being software developer (IT guy) . I want to explain to all people who read this, my friends (not only from Facebook ) and other people who ask me(and people like me) Can you repair my computer) ?.
Asking me to repair computer, install Windows , because I study computer science so I know this things is like ... asking Architect to carry bricks and make cement.It does NOT work well,believe me.


I sent my CV to the Apple. Unfortunately they didn't have Jobs.

To be honest, I have many problems with writing CV.For example CV adviser suggest me to write "I easily establish contact with others",but it sounds like me waiting for alien mother ship or something rather that i am friendly person. I know people a nearest to perfection in their CV. It is a really painful process for me as I like show myself as I am.