There are many things that I would love to do in my life, but I am aware that limited time is a major issue , but I would like to share a small collection of the existential to-do list in mylife.


I start from my plans for short ,medium and long-term time.


  1. doneRead at least one book per year.
  2. doneImprove my public speech skills (and do presentation)
  3. ITwork in progressImprove my User Experience Design skills.
  4. work in progressWrite a simple RPG game(as it was my dream as teenager).
  5. work in progressComplete Capital Ring
  6. Complete Jubilee Walkway
  7. Back and keep healthy 90kg.
  8. Learn more mandarin Chinese.



I don't have specific long term plans for my life, because i focus on small steps to achieve goals without milestone jumps.
I want be open-minded to all opportunities which life offer all the time. My main focus will


I think biggest achievement was decision to move to Aberystwyth to achieve 'life changing' goals. These goals was:

  1. Study computer science and finish with at least 2.2.
  2. Work during study to be independent person(Pay for everything) .
  3. Learn English.
  4. Get rid off most annoying issues with me.
  5. Lose weight (from 114.2kg -> 91kg).

It was very hard and rewarding experience. I really enjoyed these 4 years.



done!Aim:90kg. Be healthy and have a good condition. I don't need to have muscles like strongman or looks like George Clooney. I just want be healthy.

In 2009 between February 2009 and July 2009, I lost more than 20kg! I weight changed from 114.2 kg to 93.3 kg. I achieve it by doing exercise and change my food style. I am very proud of myself!

done!Running in races.

I needed motivation to do exercises, because sitting 8 hours on your bottom at work will cause a many healthy problems, your belly will grow to giant ball of fat, and that is not good. I and my mate come out with idea that if we want force ourselves to running regularly, we need to sign-in to running race, so ... we signed to Nick Beer 10km 2012 in Llandudno.
I like running because is very easy, relaxing, healthy thing to do I feel much more energetic. My record in run/walk was 36km around Snowdon (Highest Mountain in Wales).

Race Year Distance Time
The Island Race - Anglesey Half Marathon 2012 13miles(21km) 2.07.54
It was an unbelievable achievement which was beyond my imagination. My target was to run in 2.5h, so I couldn't belive when I saw actual result. My legs hurts for 4 days :),but it was worth it. Rank 344/465.
Nick Beer 2012 10Km 0.56.44
It was an unbelievable achievement which was beyond my imagination. My target was to have 1.15.00. Rank 515/680.


When I heard that more than 50% polish people did not read any book per year , I decided to belong to minority, who read books.
Since I finished study and I start proper job, I have more time to read and I found it out, that is quite relaxing.
Below is collection of book, which I read and enjoyed. (List does not include university or work related books (directly).


  1. Simon Brown - Software Architecture for Developers( 2015)
  2. Nicholas Carlson - Marissa Mayer And The Fight To Save Yahoo (2015)
  3. Michael T. Nygard - Release It!: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software (2014)
  4. Adam Cash - Psychology For Dummies (2013)
  5. Anita Werner, Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz - Nieoficjalnie (2013)
  6. Adam Cash - Psychology For Dummies (2013)
  7. David J. Anderson - Kanban (2012)
  8. Jeremy Clarkson - How Hard Can It Be?: The World According to Clarkson Volume 4 (2012)
  9. Terry Deary , Martin Brown - Horrible Histories - Ruthless Romans(2011)
  10. Terry Deary , Martin Brown - Horrible Histories - Rotten Romans(2011)
  11. Joe Navarro - What every body is saying (2011)
  12. Eric Steven Raymond - How To Become A Hacker (2011)
  13. Paul Ekman - Emotions revealed (2011)
  14. Terry Pratchett - Thud! (2010)
  15. Steve Krug - Don't Make Me Think. A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (2007)
  16. Pet Southren - Julius Caesar (2002)
  17. Terry Pratchett - Guards! Guards! (200x)
  18. Terry Pratchett - Wyrd sister (200x)
  19. Terry Pratchett - Sourcery (200x)
  20. Terry Pratchett - MORT (200x)
  21. Terry Pratchett - Equal rites (199x)
  22. Terry Pratchett - The light fantastic (199x)
  23. Terry Pratchett - The color of magic (199x)


Master degree

I finished undergraduate degree in Computer Science in 2010. I am planning to do a master degree in future in psychology (Cyberpsychology. I want to combine my interest in people's psychology on Internet with UX. I believe it will be an interesting subject to learn, because I can use these skills at work and to do some personal research in future.

done!Computer Science

I chose Computer Science because I like to create things , solve logical problems and thinking about usability . It is a type of work which has high demand today and It will have in the future which give me many opportunities to do variety type of excited projects to work on.
I finished Computer Science at Aberystwyth University with 2.2 degree. It is a big success for me after many difficulties that I had to come through during taking this course.(Work and study, language barrier and so on).


If I got a chance I want to do masters in psychology.
I started course Fundamental of psychology part 1 and part 2,which is my starting point to do more in this subject.
I am interesting in 3 subjects:

Why these three?
I was fascinated with the way how people behave differently on the Internet compare to real life interaction since high school and it was one of first reason why was interest in psychology. While I spent some time to reading and do 'research' about Cyberpsychology I came across articles about interpersonal perception and how body express what people thinks which was one of the part that is missing in Internet communication.
My interest with Abnormal psychology starts when I did a 3 day course about exclusions of mental people.


Why? It seems like English is a useful language in UK where i live now but it is also most common used language all over the world in communication and IT universe.

in progress!Chinese

There are a few reasons for me, why I should know this language. My wife is Chinese, so this knowledge might come in handy . I am planning to go on a big trip to China and Japan for few months, so it is good to know the basics ... just in case.


Castle Party

Amazing Gothic party on castle in Poland.

done!Love Parade

Love parade was the biggest techno party in the world (in Berlin).I took part in this event in 2000 (on my 18's birthday) and there were 1.300.000 people.


Biggest event in Poland and most amazing one , because is not concert only but lots of culture events happen there.

Oktoberfest, Germany

Man's heaven. Beers, women ... sounds like perfect place to be for any mature man.

La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain

Nothing better than using tomato as primary weapon to smash innocent people in big Ketchup war....

Carnival, Brazil

Hot rhythms , all night samba party ... i always want to see this outstanding event as I am big fan of samba dance.


Chinadone! and Japan

It is a trip of my dreams.
Trip has two aims:
First, I want to experience "live" culture of Asia and see what it looks like. I want to see the influence of the western culture on Asian culture and specially to get to know how does life in a big Asian city centre look like, slums and small countryside.
Second reason is to see the most interesting, beautiful and the most culturally important places for Chinese people.
I'm planning to stay in Asia for more than 3 months, 10 weeks in China and 4 in Japan, but this can change during travel.
The most complicated and troublesome part will be to organise the trip. It will probably take a lot of time.
My plan has a few steps :

  1. Gather necessary information about Japan and China
  2. Learn Japanese and Chinese
  3. collect enough money for this trip
  4. learn some general aspects of European culture
  5. Planning every step of the trip in details (+ time consuming events).
  6. actually do It.


I want to go to Canada for a month, to rest far away from civilisation. Just stay within little cottage and go to forests and mountains.
I want to meet people, who live like that their whole life.


Since I am not in Poland.I discovered ,that i haven't see too much Poland actually.

Visited (and i believe is worth to see):

Want to travel to :


It is a lots of thing to see,like: Mountains, lakes, country of Santa.
I have been in Sweden in 2014.


Nowadays, if you have $20.000.000 you can have a trip to space station. So I'm hoping, that in future I will be able to go to MARS. I just need $20.000.000 ;P. I should start thinking little application for iOS or AndroidOS and make some money to achieve that.


I want to go to Brazil to see the carnival in Rio. Since I love parties, Latin music, and dance, I must see the Capitol of Dance. Another reason is to see the capitol of Capoeira ;).


I want go to Italy to see remains after ancient Roman civilization, which I am big fan of. I want to see Coliseum, the Pantheon, Roman forum, Piazza Navona, Baths of Diocletian ,Baths of Caracalla , Via Appia Antica and Catacombs .

Trans-Siberian Railway

I want travel between Moscow and Vladivostok.9289 km of journey. The only problem is I need music when I travelling, so I need to buy bunch of battery-packs for my phone.








done!Parody of homepage

I want to have my homepage and it must be very sarcastic without boring staff to show people how "AMAZING" you are.

in progress!RPG game

Create a RPG game. I always dream to create RPG/Strategy action . One concept was a little bit similar to UFO: Enemy Unknown, but with more complex story line (created in random) and another one was similar to final fantasy VII/VIII.

done!Create some songs

I wrote a few songs, they are not masterpiece of electronic music,but I am proud of them.




+ Few castles when i was small naughty boy.









Work for Siemens Mobile

I was interesting working as UI Designer and Developer for Mobile and I want to be community manager to contact with fans of Siemens to be able to remove crap part of mobile's software, which was Achilles’ heel is Siemens's phones.

To achieve this aim I started to study Computer Science: Mobile and Wearable Computing in Aberystwyth. Unfortunately, few days after start of my course Siemens Mobile... bankrupted :).

Work for Space Company


As I mentioned above ,since childhood, I always thinking about working for company who sent shuttles, spacecraft or building space station.

done!Software developer

I want to create software for smartphones and any PDA type devices in stressless company.


I've always wanted to design buildings in sacral style or stylish little mansions. I'm also interested in creating futuristically looking architecture (Train Stations), vehicles (trains, trams) and space ships, space bases etc. I would like made this as pragmatic and usable as possible.


I think this is a great job, talking to students, doing research and having fun, especially when you see those poor faces on exams. I think, if I got chance then I want do research about Cyberpsychology and how this can be applied to UX design.


One of my childhood dream was to be a part of the crew that will be sent to Mars to transform the planet and create for being habitable for humans and I wanted to be a scientist on spaceship and explore space... hmm... Maybe I just watched too many episodes of Star Trek as kid.

Train driver

Another kid dream, I always dream to be a tram/bus/train driver. When I grew up then I still thinking about being a train driver but not as job, but I hope to have chance to drive train someday.