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Name:    Dom's diagnostic tool 
Download: Dom's Diagnostic Tools(Download from Google Play)
Description: This program contains a bunch of tools to diagnose device. It displays many useful and useless information. It performs a various tests to check, how device works and try to answer it works? It can detects hardware features and find issues. It creates summary on the end of tests.
Twitter: #DomsDiagnosticTools
On my blog: Dom's diagnostic tool on my blog
Why i wrote this application: 

Name:    Dom's learn Chinese 
Download: Dom's learn Chinese(Download from Google Play)
Description:  This game helps learn and practice mandarin Chinese. It helps memorise words ,radicals , strokes, phrases and pinyin.
Twitter: #DomsLearnChinese
On my blog:  Dom learn Chinese on my blog
Why I wrote this application:  I needed a tool, that will help me learn and practice Chinese as I couldn't find anything interesting on Google Play,so I wrote it by myself. It is a personal project for my personal needs, but I published on Google Play and so far it is most popular application :).


Name:    Homepage (Parody) Go to website
Type: WWW(html/css/js)
Description:  This is my homepage. I created it, because in my opinion typical homepage are very boring as they show person as god, genius or even better. I decided go in opposite way. Show myself in sarcastic way.

Name:    My IT blog Go to blog.
Type: Blog
Status: Active
Since: 18.02'2011(Friday)
Description:  This is a semi-professional blog about everything related to my work as IT-men like:


Program:  Random colour changer on click Download
Language:  JavaScript(JQuery)
Description: I needed simple script that will change specific element (p, div and etc) to random color.


Name:    Dom's RPG 
Download: N/A
Description: It will be a simply 8-bits like simple RPG game.
Why I want write this game? I always dream to write a RPG game.


Name:    Dom's countries capitals flags quiz game 
Download: Dom's quiz game(Download from Google Play)
Description: A few quiz games, where player need to guess country, capital , flag or region.
Why i wrote this application: This project was created in one weekend as part of personal challenge. " can a make a game in a weekend?". More about it can be found on my blog: Write game in weekend challenge.

Program:    nanoBackup  
Platforms:  PC(Java)
Description:  This is an ugly but compact looking backup program that should be easy to use to various kind of incremental copies :  Select what you want to backup and ... backup over and over again. Simple.
Why i wrote this application: I wrote this program for own use to do backup at home and work.
Please keep in mind, that this program is not a masterpiece of software engineering due fact that it is used for testing new stuff like libraries, framework , optimisation in Java.

Name:    Dom's guess Colour game 
Download: Dom's colour game(Download from Google Play)
Description:  A very simple game. Objective is to guess a colour .
Why I wrote this application: This project was created in less than 18 hours. I wrote this game for a few tests related to Google Play, Admob, tutorial and other purposes.

Name:    Dom's Dice Game 
Download: Dom's Dice Game(Download from Google Play)
Description: This is a simple game based on popular dice poker style games . You have a 4 types of game.Classic poker, Random Poker,Poker league and 1 vs 1.
Why i wrote this application:This is a standalone version of mini game that will be include in my RPG game (which is under development).

Name:    Real-World Pacman
Status: Completed/Finished
Time:  9.2007-2.2008
Description: It was group project on second year of my study where I was respond for early stage of design and documentation.
It was a really interesting experience for me with work in team, writing documentation and how to follow "project description".

Name:    WWW,BLOG & FORUM for CAPOEIRA CLUB in Wroclaw
Status: Completed/Offline
Time of activity:  9.2002-4.2003
Description:  I created a blog and a website where I was responsed for content and maintenance for my Capoeira club and I was forum's administrator.

Name:    ds Note
Platforms: PC(Java)
Description: It was a final year project for undergraduate degree.
This was an application that helps create content and store material that can be use to learn and support revision process.