Below, You can find small collection of information about me.

Everyday I woke up more beautiful but today I exaggerated.

This is my profile which contain truth and only truth ( some fact can be a little bit .. exaggerated).
So if you are interested, then enjoy reading and have fun.

It's me!

My name is Dominik and I start drinking in age ... whoops ... wrong sentence. One more time.
My name is Dominik (Not Dominic , Demonic ) and luckily my parents didn't curse me with second or third name.
I feel young, but some people disagree with that. My mate, Ula said :" I am getting old (when she looks on me) but when I see you ... it is not that bad".I was born in Wroclaw (Poland) and I am living in UK.



This word comes from Portuguese, and it means "a drum". I received this nickname at Capoeira (there is a special party (called: ceremony) when nicknames are given).After while, somebody said female grammatical gender. Thanks to my Coach Salvador for female nickname!

Pastor Cmentarny(Graveyard preacher)

I tell everybody this story about how once upon a time I decided to change my nickname to pretend I am somebody else. Therefore, I looked through the window in search for inspiration. Since the only thing I could see was a graveyard and a park with people walking on graves, I came up with a ‘ graveyard preacher’. It is a nice myth, is it? Actually, that is a bullshit because I couldn’t really see the graveyard and the park was partially hidden behind a hypermarket where plastic-music lovers organise parties every once in a while. The truth is, this nickname is supposed to make me feel more gloomy, mysterious.


Simply. It's shortcut of my first name. It's used in my workplace (McDonalds,TheBookPeople and all other)

My previous nicknames:

Ciało (The Body)

This nickname was not given to me because of my macho body (which I have), but due to my heroic actions as a goalkeeper (I used body instead of hands to block shots :) ).

Buldog(bulldog), Buldożer(bulldozer)

This nickname comes from the times when I was dancing. Presumably it was given to me because of the way I was eliminating competition.


I created this nickname for Internet use only and I used it .. until one day somebody attempted to pronounce it.

The city of gods, where I come from:

Wrocław [Poland]

(if you want more about my city,please click this link: Wroclaw [English version] )

Blood type:

As real computer scientist my blood type is C++.


Let us commemorate this moment with a minute of silence…
Well, OK. It’s not that bad. My personal successes are: